Sunday, June 7, 2009

Highlights from Danny's first letter written on last wednesday june 3rd the day he arrived at the MTC:

Dear Family:
I am alive and well! I have almost made it through the first day! I am enjoying everything; the food is good, my district is great, and all of the meetings are very uplifting.
My companion is from Murray, ut. He went to Murray high and was on the swim team. He seems very nice and agreeable; I am confident that I can make it through the MTC with him.

Today has been quite an adventure lots of new things to learn. I keep going into the wrong buildings and into other peoples' rooms.

My P-days on on tuesday, we can only email and write letters on tuesdays. Tuesdays are also my temple day as well as devotional days So it is likely that my letters will be very high-spirited from the MTC.

I was made senior companion, so that means more work for me, but it should be worth it.!

I will end by sharing my testimony in Thai:

(he now types what looks like 3 rows of hieroglyphics}

and then says, that means:

The book of Mormon is evidence of the love of God for his children.

Elder Brown

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