Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Letter #7 from Danny

Hi All,

Well, my letter is going to be short this week! I just typed up a big letter, and then my computer died on me and I lost the whole thing! Now I only have 10 minutes of computer time, so I will type as fast as possible to get as much information to you as possible!

Good news/bad news! My departure date has been moved forward a week. I am now departing on August 10th. That is 3.5 weeks away! I should get my flight information in the next 2 weeks. Exciting! I feel like I am not ready yet, I am going to have to study harder in order to be prepared to leave on that date. The MTC feels I'm ready, so I'll listen to them.

Things are so good. Today I would just like to quickly talk about my teachers here in the MTC. We have two teachers that teach our district, Brother Duval and Brother Saakha. They both teach us about 3 hours a day, everyday except for Tuesday and Sunday. They are both so amazing and support each other so well.

Brother Duval is a great guy. He is in his late 20's and just graduated from BYU with a Bachelors in Biology. He is headed towards Optometry School. He took his admissions test last week and did very well! He scored in the top 99% in the entire country! He was so happy. All of his practice tests he scored much, much lower. He knows that he did so well because of his faith. A lot of people in the district didn't like him very much at first because he works us very hard. Even the first day we got here, he didn't speak any English to us. We were all very confused and had no idea how we would ever learn what he was talking about. Over the past few weeks we have really begun to appreciate him for working us so hard and expecting so much out of us. I know that his hard work will pay big dividends once we get to Thailand. His wife gave birth to his first kid yesterday. This is a great time in his life. He served his mission in Thailand so he can relate to us very well. He has taught us so much about planning.

Our other teacher is Brother Saakha. He is a convert to the church from Thailand. He grew up Buddhist and met the missionaries when he was 19 years old. He served his mission in Canada. His conversion story is absolutely amazing. Have I told you it yet? I can't remember. He is studying at BYU for his Masters in Special Education. It is very ironic that he is a special education teacher and is teaching us! We sure can use it! He is one of the most Christ-like people I have ever met in my life. He is a shining beacon of the missionary efforts in Thailand. He really teaches with the Spirit so well. I am very grateful to have a native Thai for a teacher. He can tell us so many things about the culture and about Buddhism that no one else ever could.

My district is doing so great. We are by far the best district to ever come through the MTC. We have 15 people in the district! The biggest district in the MTC right now. 12 Elders and 3 Sisters. It is amazing that we can all stay focused and dedicated. We don't have a single person in the district that is not completely focused in being the best missionary they can possible be. It is going to be a great day when we get to Thailand.

The field is white, already to harvest! We are not going there to plant seeds, we are going there to harvest. Just like the Lord has promised us. If we plant seeds on the way, so be it!

I am out of time! Too bad the computer died. I had some great RC experiences this week. I am up to 9 investigators that I am working with. One of them is being baptized on Saturday! That is exciting! Well I have 10 seconds left. Gotta go! Bye!!


Elder Brown

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