Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Letter#10 Last week in the MTC- Danny's leaving for Thailand Early!!!

Well, this is my last week in the MTC, 6 days left!

Things just keep getting busier and busier here in the MTC. It seems like I have less time to write than ever.

If you plan on writing me while I am still in the MTC, make sure that the letter gets here by Monday. I will still receive it on Monday, but after that, the letter will be lost.

I will be sending out letters next Tuesday from LAX airport, but after that. Everything will be to and from Thailand. Hopefully I'll get more information on how mailing/emailing works over there. I expect it to be pretty slow.

This week like I just mentioned, I don't have very much time. So I will just share a few things that I have learned this week. I have been focusing on the Book of Mormon a lot; I'd just like to share some facts with you about the book.

The Book of Mormon is the second best selling book in the world. It has "sold" over 142 million copies. Last year more Books of Mormon were printed in Spanish than in English. It has been printed in nearly 100 different languages and many more languages are currently being translated.

The translation process for new Book of Mormon languages is fascinating. The church is very strict on who they will accept to translate the book. Often times they spend years finding and interviewing in order to find someone who is fluent in English and in the other language. They also have to be of very high character and have the spirit with them. Often times it will be translated by a commitee of several people. This commitee with imense linguistic background, technology, and full-time effort can translate a Book of Mormon on average in 4 years.

When Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, he translated it from its Reformed Egyptian into English. He had 3 years of elementary education. He was 24 years old. Barely knew English, not to mention any other language. He did not have electricity. He did not have access to a library. He translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God in 63 days. 531 pages in 63 days.

The Book of Mormon contains many forms of poetry schemes from ancient Jerusalem that were not discovered in America until well after Joseph Smith's death. The Book of Mormon has been identified as having many "writing voices". Meaning that the ancient records written by various prophets were written with a unique "voice". Whenever anyone writes, they have distinct words and grammar that they use. This voice changes around 10 times(each time a new prophet starts writing.)

Let me emphasize. Joseph Smith did NOT fabricate the Book of Mormon. That is completely impossible. He was not capable of writing such a work. He translated an ancient record through the power of god.

But don't take my word for it. Do as Moroni says in the last book of the Book of Mormon in Moroni 10:3-5.

Moroni promises us that if we read the Book of Mormon and pray about the truthfulness of the book. We are promised that God will reveal the truth unto us. I can promise you that this is true! I have tried it several times and it works!

This is why missionary work is so easy. The book sells itself, missionaries aren't even needed. We can hand an investigator the Book of Mormon, and if they would simply read it and pray about it, they WILL receive the answer from God that it is true.

So, I would encourage all of you, whether you have read the Book of Mormon or have never touched the thing. Try it out. Prove Mormonism. Read the book and pray. You will receive the answer.

I am so glad that Thailand has a Book of Mormon. The work would be so difficult without it. It is a true book and will change the life of anyone who reads it. I can promise without reassurance that if you read the book, you will be happier than you have ever been in your life.

See you all in Thailand!!!


Elder Brown

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