Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter #5 from Mahasarakham,Thailand 09/16/09

1. A person who gives up living with his family for two years to teach other people how to live with their family for eternity.

I don't have much time to write anything this week. This week has started out fantastically. Monday was the most successful day I've had on my mission. We had two different investigators(both have families) ask us if they could be baptized and how they do it. That is always a good sign.

We have been getting so many families to teach. I don't know where they have been coming from. Our general inviting approached has changed a lot to completely center around the message of the family. When I talk to someone I ask them about their family, ask them what kind of blessings they have seen from having a family, and why they think we are born into families. I then will usually tell them about the temple and eternal families. Thai people are simply fascinated about the temple. It truely is God's house. He visits it often.

Oh the mericful plan of our loving God...

I'm really grateful for eternal families. Love you all.

Elder Brown

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