Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letter #11-Sarakham-Nov-11-09


End of my second "moves" here in country. That means that I am officially out of my training period. That also means that I will be going down to Bangkok today. We received news from the president that I'll be staying here in Sarakham with Elder Booth, and we will both be receiving new companions. We will get to meet them tomorrow.

Also exciting news. Today we will be taking a train from Kohn-kan, so that means we will be eating at T-bones. I have never eaten there, but I have heard the legends. It is an all-you-can-eat steak restaurant. Pork, beef, chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc.. I am currently very excited. I have not had mashed potatoes in 6 months.

On that note. I have really been eating a lot of food lately. People in Thailand are all very very generous and they are very into food. Since Elder Nance is leaving the area after being here for 6 months. Everyone wants to take him out to eat and buy him stuff. Needless to say, I get to come along for the ride. We have been eating multiple meals a day at very expensive restaurants(expensive is relative) and eating so much that we can't move. It has been a good week! Well at least so far... I have not gone to 7-11 to weigh myself yet. (yeah... you go to 7-11 to weigh yourself here... weird, huh?) I probably gained a kilo or two.

On other good news we had a baptism this week. A lady named Dang. She is sweet. She is so Easan (basically the equivalent of being a hick.) She doesn't really even speak Thai, so it is hard. She bore her testimony in Easan after the baptism though, so that was fun to hear. Her husband will most likely be getting baptized in a few weeks. He is so great. I have great hope for him. They both come to church every week. They live about 60 kilos away, so it takes about 90 minutes to ride their motorcycle. They have great faith.

The second part of this letter was lost by email problems on Danny's end. He says he sends letters in parts because if they get too long they don't send.
the third part says

Letter Part 3:
Oh Thai. It really is quite fun! Thai is getting really fun now. I am really starting to be able to read fast. I am hoping to finish the Book of Mormon in Thai in another 2 months. I can read about as fast as most of the members here. (that isn't saying too much though... most people here have difficulty reading :)

An educational fact about Thailand; They don't have HALLOWEEN! I totally forgot that Halloween already happened. They have a holiday called rooy gratong though. It is almost at the same time. Fun holiday, too bad I didn't understand any of it. Something about worshiping a river Goddess and sending your sins up in flaming kites into the sky. Yeah, weird. Interesting way to get rid of sins! I am sure the Thai people would think our Halloween traditions very strange also. It is all good fun.

Well out of time,
Thailand is so sweet. Everyone should get a chance to come to this place. This place is so pretty. You have to come here sometime.
It really is the best place on Earth.
Church is true,

Elder Brown

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