Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8th 2010-Kohn Kaen

Hope all is well and that life isn't too crazy.

This week went by very quick. I was only in Kohn Kaen for one day this week, Sunday. All the other days I was on the road. Many, many hours spent this week traveling.

Time on a bus: Tuesday to Bangkok 6 hours, Wednesday bus home 6 hours. Thursday bus to Udorn 3 hours, Friday Bus home 3 hours. Saturday bus to Korat 3 hours, Saturday Bus home 4 hours. Sunday bus to Banphai 1 hour, and 1 hour home. Yeah, I spent about two entire proselyting days on a bus. Oh well.

With all of this traveling and training I have really become to appreciate the time that I do have in my area. It makes it necessary to use every second that we do have. It is fairly common to be on splits with members every night that we are actually in Kohn Kaen just trying to get investigators taught.

Everything is going well. The weather is fantastic. The new Book of Mormon is out.

Speaking of which, a few copies released this week. The main shipment should be coming within a couple of weeks.
It will be great to have. Let's hope the translation is accurate.
Elder Brown

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