Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mar 15 2011-Pakkret

Well I was planning on writing a bigger letter today, but time is so precious, and I seem to have less and less of it. I just remembered we are on Summer schedule so instead of having 40 minutes to write, I only have 10 minutes. So oh well.....
This week was full of new experiences. Just when I thought I had experienced everything, it changes- it is always good to see new challenges and have new experiences to face.
Today we had a baptism for a woman named P. The baptism went great, except for the fact that the whole priesthood body had an activity today and none of them could attend. I ended up conducting the baptismal service. I have never conducted a baptismal service before, it was interesting to be on the other side of the stand for the service. The room was really hot, I was nervous, and was wearing my suit coat. Not a very good combination, but it went really well.
Tomorrow will also be a first... the first time I personally baptize someone. A month ago we started teaching an investigator named Kha. We taught her all the way up to the point where she was to be interviewed. That day we found out that she lived one road outside of our area. So we decided it was best to give her to the branch that she belonged to.

The Elders over there took over and interviewed her. She passed and they asked her who she wanted to baptize her, and she picked me. Normally when I teach someone about baptism I ask them the question
"Which member would you like to baptize you Brother A, Brother B, or Brother C?"
That way, they never choose the Elders. I feel that it is important for them to have someone in the ward baptize them, it helps to connect people and keeps them active.

But when this missionary asked, she picked me. One rule, when someone picks you, it is rude to say no. So I guess I will have the opportunity to baptize on my mission after all. I am honored to do it, but am always glad when a member has the chance.
That is it for today. We need to get out and work.
I am sending some photos,

Elder D.E.B.

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