Monday, March 29, 2010



Good week here in Bangnaa. Things are starting to get back to normal. After a week working in this area we are seeing a lot of success; everything is turning around. So many people just waiting to see us. This last week we taught and found five new families, we also had five new investigators who had never been to church go to church as well. We are just talking to everyone, teaching everyone who will listen to us, and having some of them invite us back.

I've adopted a new motto for this moves:

Use faith, see miracles.

It really has been working. Our goals for this area are very high; I don't care what anyone says about the area, I think it's fantastic. The entire week we have only invited in one neighborhood, because we just haven't had time to even go anywhere else.

Just some notes about the area to try to paint a visual picture for you all.

Bangnaa is a factory city. The majority of the people who live here work in factories. They work a lot too. Almost everyone we talk to/teach works over time every single day. It is not uncommon to meet someone who has an 8 AM - Midnight schedule, seven days a week. Especially right now because the Thai New Year is coming up in two weeks so they work a ton so that they can take the three days of Sonkraan off. (I'll talk about this more in another two weeks. It is crazy.)

Bangnaa is in Bangkok. But it is by no means centeral Bangkok, it is no where near as populated as some areas of the city. There are still a lot of white people here though. Out in the Isan I would go 4-5 days without seeing a white person, now I see one every 10 minutes. There are a lot of foreign companies close by too. I have been eating American food a lot more. Within biking distance there is Sizzler, KFC, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Auntie Annes, Pizza Hut, and many more. Elder Webb is a great fan of American food. He has taught me a new eating strategy. We eat oats for breakfast, ramen for lunch, then go to an all-you-can-eat American food buffet for dinner. He is a genius!

We live in a town house. I think that is what it would be called... It is in a gated neighborhood where all the houses are all touching. (they are connected but they all have front doors and they don't have doors to go into the other houses inside the house.) Our house is 6 stories. Or maybe 7... I'm not really sure... I've never gone all the way up the stairs. Each floor except for the main floor only has one room and a bathroom. It is kinda weird, but it is nice. Also another random fact, our neighbors speak some weird language that we haven't been able to figure out what it is. I think they are from some mountain tribe in Burma.

Tons of taxis here too. Taxis are weird here... I don't think I ever told you but in Thailand taxis are all bright colors. They have pink ones, blues ones, yellow ones. I remember at first I thought it was really weird, but nowadays I kinda forgot that that is weird.

Yeah, I'm pretty much out of time. Nothing too interesting today. It is my birthday in two weeks, I guess that is cool.

Elder Brown


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