Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 2010- Bangnaa


Greetings from Bangnaa (or Samutpragaan, I'm not really sure exactly where I am...)

I moved! Very unexpected move. I was just barely settling into Ubon. I was the only who left the area. I am now in Bangkok with a new companion. He is a great missionary. He is from Arizona, some small town. He has been in the mission for almost two years, he will be finishing his mission with his next companion.

I really like it here in Bangnaa. Good thing too, because I will probably be here a very long time. (pretty sure I will be here for 6 months) It is so different from the Esan. Everyone here is a lot more educated, they speak Thai very clearly. The first day I was here I was simply shocked at how good everyone on the street is at Thai. There are also so many more people. People everywhere! We can just walk down neighborhoods all day long and talk to new people. Very fun.

People here are a lot more Westernized though. They really aren't afraid to tell you the truth. (sometimes) My whole time out in the Esan I got rejected maybe a hand-full of times. Mostly people just lie and say "oh I'm busy" or "I work all day". But here in Bangkok it is not uncommon for people to just tell us that we are dumb and are wasting our time; it is a fresh change! I like it.

Yeah, so this letter wasn't very good. I'll do better next week.


Elder Brown

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