Monday, January 25, 2010

Ubon-Jan 24-2010

Hi All,
I am not going to write much today, I am spending my time uploading a few pictures so my Mom will be happy. (thank you Danny, please review the old posts for new pictures!) I am also going to send some audio files, including me reading the last chapter of the Book of Mormon in Thai. Yah! I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Thai again this week. I also am including me singing a few hymns in Thai, and me singing and playing on my ukulele (thanks parents for letting me buy it!) (The ukulele was his Christmas present from us, it was expensive, surprisingly) I really enjoy playing and it is great learning a new instrument! Yes a ukulele is an instrument! I am getting better, wish I had more time to practice, I am also sending you 2 primary songs that I have learned on the ukulele, and a few other things. (It was great to hear Danny's voice, the language makes me laugh it sounds so strange!)

Out of time.
Love you all.

เอ็ลเดอร์ บราวน์ ( Elder Brown )

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