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ubon - 01-05-2010

Christmas lights in Bangkok
They do enjoy celebrating Christmas here in some places, but not as a religious holiday.


Ok, incase anyone missed the memo. My P-day has been switched to Mondays. So I'll be emailing two days earlier than usual.

Well I've got a little bit of time today. I'll give a report of the happenings over the last two weeks.

Christmas was crazy. Particularly the Christmas Program. The Branch has been practicing since August every week for the program. Let's just say, they probably should've started earlier... it was quite silly! The music was from a program called A Night in Zarahemla (I think that's what it was...), basically it was this crazy difficult medley that was way out of their league. Entertaining though!

Attendance was pretty good, there was probably around 300+ people there that night.

After that there was a dance/comedy program offered by the members while people ate dinner. It was pretty silly too, I couldn't understand most of it though because it was in Lao. My companion was forced into being Santa Claus and given the duty to distribute presents. (missionaries + hordes of small kids = mass confusion)

Anyways, it was great. It was a good opportunity for non-members to come see the new church and to learn about Jesus.

That Sunday was the primary program in church, which means that Sacrament Meeting is run by the kids under 12 years old. Pretty silly as well. There was one kid who couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes while he was giving a talk.

Because it was a "special day" the branch president decided to switch out the water in the sacrament for grape juice. That was also entertaining.

This week was Fast Sunday. Fast Sunday is great. I really do enjoy fasting, it has become one of my very favorite things to do. It is almost too easy to obtain the blessings that I want through fasting. All I have to do is ask, then fast. Yipee.

We also had a baptism this week!! Younger guy, just going to college this year. Just a great guy, he has a great testimony. When he gave his testimony after his baptism he did such a great job. Best one I have ever heard, actually.

I really enjoy Sundays. For the first part of my mission, I was always stressed out on Sundays because it is basically "game day/test day." All the work of the week gets produced into fruit on Sundays. But recently I've just been trying to relax on Sundays. I've noticed that my stress level does not increase the chance of investigators showing up, it also does not decrease the chances of members saying something crazy to our investigators. So chill out, right?

Thanks to all the people who sent me letters on Christmas. I heard from a lot of people in the ward. I really appreciate it! Love you all.


Elder Brown
เอ็ลเดอร์ บราวน์ ( Elder Brown )

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