Monday, May 17, 2010

May 14-10-Update

Many of you have asked me about Danny's safety and about the political situation in Thailand. This is what I have heard from danny and other missionaries closer to the unsafe areas. Danny is outside Bangkok and has avoided the uprising in his area.

But Danny shared that he heard that Bangkok was burning. "The Last thing I heard was from other missionaries on Saturday. They were evacuated from their area. Missionaries gave me reports of gas stations being torched. But I don't know much besides that. Lots of other scary details that I probably shouldn't tell you. Haha. I haven't seen anything out here in Bangnaa though".

The main centers for most of the protesting are in Asoke,
and we avoid it like the plague. Plus, if there's even a
whisper that there will be red shirts in an area, we just don't go. To quote
President Smith, "Your safety is worth more to me than all your
investigators and results combined."
So please, don't worry. The Lord
watches out for us and we've got a good hold on the whole situation. If
anything does end up happening, plans are in place and everyone will be
taken care of. The mission is organized incredibly well, being able to get
in touch with everyone within a matter of minutes. We appreciate all your
prayers and concerns though and will let you know they are definitely being

from Sat morning...

As far as the protests, we are watching them super close. It is definitely
a mess and all the Elders in those areas (International, Asoke and Din
Daeng) have been sent to other areas, away from the violence. They are even
going to church out there and not making the trip in. President Smith gets
security reports from the internet, members, leaders in the church, us (we
get them from missionaries close by, who we have now moved), news, and any
other path he can get them from. He's well aware of what's going on and is
making sure all our missionaries are safe.

It is in the Lord's hands,
Please continue to pray for all the missionaries' safety wherever they are serving.

Danny's Mom

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