Tuesday, May 25, 2010

mission president email 5-27-2010

Picture of Buddhist monks in Thailand praying for Peace in Bangkok.

Because of the recent concern for the missionaries in Thailand the Mission President Smith, sent this out.

"Sister Smith and I feel like we get the very best missionaries that the Church has to offer to come and serve in Thailand. I don't want to minimize the situation in Thailand, however most of the reports that you get on the news are very localized. Bangkok is a huge city in terms of population and geography. What you and the rest of the world have been watching on the news happened in downtown Bangkok comprising a few blocks in total. Our missionaries have not been in any immediate danger. We have monitored the political unrest very closely and have been in close contact with General Authorities and Church Security. Church Security bulletins basically restate what I have written so far. All of our missionaries have cell phones, if we hear of any problems even remotely close any proselyting area, we call the missionaries in that area and ask them to stay home until we can assess the extent of the problem.
Our proselyting activity has been very fruitful lately. The last couple of weeks we have established new highs in new investigators and lessons taught since we have been here. Most of our branches and wards are experiencing increased activity.
Today we had a landmark event for the Church in Thailand, we had a Priesthood Leadership Training for Stake and District Presidency broadcast by satellite to other countries in Asia originating at our Asoke Chapel in Bangkok. This training had been on the books for months. We had Elder Oaks, Elder Hallstrom, Bishop Burton, and Elder Pratt from our Area Presidency in town for the training. It was a wonderful uplifting experience for our stake and district presidencies."

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